Size & Discrimination

I’m in a few massage groups on Facebook and recently there was a post saying that a therapist had received a call from a women who had been refused treatment by 3 other businesses because she weighed over 200lbs. I suspect the therapist was American as we don’t tend to measure weight in lbs but […]

Inflammation – are anti-inflammatories a good idea?

When you injure yourself and are in pain, the obvious thing to do is reach for pain killer, as no one likes being in pain. In my house there are usually 2 types of painkiller, paracetamol and ibuprofen. Paracetamol is great if you have a temperature as it will bring it down, ibuprofen is an […]


Yesterday it was announced that the UK have approved the use of the first vaccine. I know that opinion on vaccinations is divided and I have no intention of starting an debate on whether or not people should have the vaccine, or to tell you that you should have it – that’s your choice, no […]

The importance of movement

Movement is essential to tissue healing. This is why people are often not put in a cast for 6 weeks anymore.

Mission Statements

If you work in the corporate world then you have more than likely heard the term ‘Mission Statement’. Companies often spend a lot of time and money deciding on their mission statement, it is then communicated to the employees and promptly forgotten about.