Remedial and sports massage

Massage to reduce pain, restore normal movement, aid recovery from injury and help correct postural issues

What is it remedial and sports massage?

Whether you have recently injured yourself playing sport, hurt yourself gardening, slept awkwardly or you are suffering from long term pain, the majority of issues are usually caused by:

  • Poor posture
  • Poor body mechanics
  • Stress
  • Reduction of flexibility & strength

All of these factors have an impact on our soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. As a remedial massage therapist I use a variety of different techniques including assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to help promote recovery.

I combine advanced massage skills and techniques such as neuromuscular technique, soft tissue release and muscle energy technique with an advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology to impact specific parts of the body to reduce pain, restore normal movement, aid recovery from injury and help correct postural issues.

I can advise on homecare activities to help recovery and hopefully help the problem from re-occurring, including stretching, exercises and lifestyle changes.

There are some mis-conceptions around sports massage, people think that you have to play sport to have a sports massage – this is not the case. It’s why I prefer the term ‘remedial massage’ as I’m helping to ‘remedy’ an issue.

Some people also think that sports massage is the same as deep tissue, this isn’t always the case, not everyone can cope with deep tissue massage and it isn’t always required.

People also think that sports massage has to hurt to be effective, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable but not always, sometimes gentle movements are just as effective.

What to expect from a remedial massage session

Once I have set up, we will have a chat about the issue you’d like to be addressed, the history, what aggravates it, what alleviates it and what your ideal outcome is. I’ll do a postural assessment and possibly some special tests to determine the area I need to work on. It’s not always as straight forward as you’d think. If you have lower back pain, it may be due to tight hamstrings or weak glutes and I can test for that. After the treatment I may repeat the tests to determine if there has been an improvement and I will offer advice on exercises I think may help the issue and we can discuss the course of treatment going forward

The first session will need to be a bit longer to allow for the assessment, usually 90 mins, about 30 mins assessment, case history etc and 60 mins treatment. Following sessions will usually only need to be 60 mins long (unless you have more than one area that needs addressing).

Do you struggle with mobility?

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