Top 10 questions to ask a mobile massage therapist

Before you book a massage with anyone there are some questions you should ask your therapist – here are my answers:

1. What areas do you cover/ do you cover xyz?
I cover an area 30 minutes from Keynsham, the reason I don’t give miles is because 30 mins up the ring road or into the centre of Bristol only gets me about as far as Downend or Bedminster (particularly with the roadworks on the ring road) but I can also get to quite remote parts of north east Somerset like Hinton Blewett in 30 mins, but it’s surprising how many people don’t ask this question, or even tell me where they live when asking if I have availability.

2. What hours do you work?
I only work in the evenings and weekends as I fit this business around another job, it seems to work well as I am often available when salons/clinics are closed and when working people are free for a massage.

3. What do you need me to supply?
I don’t need you to supply anything other than somewhere to wash my hands, soap and a hand towel. I provide everything else. If you have a particular oil you would like me to use that’s fine but you don’t need to provide it.

This is an answer that will definitely vary from therapist to therapist as some will ask you to supply the towels for the massage.

4. How much space do I need?
My couch is about 6’6″ with the face cradle, it’s 2′ wide, I also need to be able to walk all the way around the couch, so I need a space that is about 9’x4ft. Most living rooms are big enough as long as you don’t have a coffee table in the middle, bedrooms are often not big enough as the couch is longer than the average bed and I need to walk around it. If you don’t have the space for the massage couch then maybe a seated chair massage would be better for you, they can be just as beneficial but don’t require as much space.

5. How do you like to be paid?
If you book via my website then you can pay online, I also have a card reader which takes all major cards and google/apple pay. If you prefer to pay with cash that’s fine too.

6. What is your cancellation policy?
I don’t currently have one. I know it’s not great business practice but the reason I don’t have one is purely because I don’t want people to not cancel their appointment even if they are feeling ill. I would rather you cancelled, particularly at the moment with Covid. This may change in the future, so it’s always advisable to check.

7. How much do you charge?
60 minutes is £50, this is purely massage time, I don’t take the consultation or set up time out of your appointment time. All my prices can be found on my website.

8. Do you need to email me a consultation form?
I try to book people via my website so that you automatically get sent the consultation and covid forms. If I’ve squeezed you in then I will need to email you, I don’t do paper forms.

9. How long will the appointment last?
It takes me 10-15 mins to set up, another 10-15 to pack up and there will probably be some discussion about what it is you need, so if you book 1 hour I will be there at least 90 mins. I am a bit rubbish at keeping time, I usually over run, I am working on that but if you need me out by a certain time please let me know. If there is more than one client in a house then there is usually additional time for change over, so add another 10 mins.

10. What qualifications do you have?
have a level 3 in Swedish massage and a level 5 in remedial and sports massage. I also have qualifications in pregnancy massage, seated chair massage and Indian head massage, I’m currently studying towards my Bowen Therapist Qualification.

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