Pregnancy Massage

The Massage When You Really Need It

I am fully trained in Pregnancy Massage, which is just a variation on normal Swedish Massage. You can have a massage at any time during your pregnancy. A woman’s body goes through a lot during pregnancy. Massage can help with the physical symptoms like backache and tiredness, and also with the mental symptoms like stress and anxiety. Clients have told me that they often sleep really well after a massage. This is something which can be very difficult when you’re pregnant.

Free Partner Training

You can have a massage at any time during pregnancy. I’m even able to show your birthing partner some techniques to use during labour!

After Birth

Looking after a baby can cause issues with your back and neck as feeding, bathing and lifting all take their toll. You can also have a massage as soon as you want to after birth. We may need to adjust the positioning, particularly if you are breastfeeding or if you have had a c-section but there is no reason not to have a massage.

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