Pregnancy Massage

The Massage When You Really Need It

I am fully trained in Pregnancy Massage, which is just a variation on normal Swedish Massage. You can have a massage at any time during your pregnancy. A woman’s body goes through a lot during pregnancy. Massage can help with the physical symptoms like backache and tiredness, and also with the mental symptoms like stress and anxiety. Clients have told me that they often sleep really well after a massage. This is something which can be very difficult when you’re pregnant.

Free Partner Training

You can have a massage at any time during pregnancy. I’m even able to show your birthing partner some techniques to use during labour!

After Birth

Looking after a baby can cause issues with your back and neck as feeding, bathing and lifting all take their toll. You can also have a massage as soon as you want to after birth. We may need to adjust the positioning, particularly if you are breastfeeding or if you have had a c-section but there is no reason not to have a massage.

Book a Pregnancy Massage

Please read our COVID-19 Information for Clients before booking

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Recently a pregnant friend of mine told me that it is virtually impossible to find someone who is prepared to massage a pregnant woman.

When I did my initial massage course we were taught that massage was ok for pregnant women after the first trimester.

The conversations in Massage focussed Facebook groups often tell massage therapists that they shouldn’t massage women unless they have been properly trained.

This gives people the impression that massage during pregnancy is dangerous and something to be avoided.

IT ISN’T!!!!!!!

There is no issue, whatsoever, with massage during normal pregnancy (i.e. no complications like placenta previa).  In fact, it can be highly beneficial.

In many parts of the world, massage is performed daily to all pregnant women, often by family members with no official training.

There is no evidence to suggest that massage causes miscarriage, even in the first 3 months. The reason therapists are advised not to massage in the first Trimester is that approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and 85% of these are in the first 12 weeks. This is without massage.

No massage therapist would want to find out that their client miscarried after they had a massage so it is common for a massage therapist to advise clients to receive a massage after the first trimester.

If, as many women do, a woman finds out they are pregnant a few months into their pregnancy and they realise they did have a massage when they were pregnant, there is absolutely no need to worry. There is no risk to their child.

A women’s body goes through many, many changes when she is pregnant, it’s not just about growing a bump. For example the body releases a hormone called relaxin.

Relaxin is needed to enable the muscles and tendons around the pelvis to be more flexible, allowing the child to come out.

A downside of this can be a pain, particularly in the pelvis, often referred to as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). This can be so bad that pregnant women can need crutches or even a wheelchair.

An obvious change is the extra weight that the woman is carrying, not just the bump but her breast will grow. Her posture will need to change to accommodate the baby bump and she will naturally lean back to enable her to stay upright as her centre of gravity changes.

This puts a strain on the lower back and the shoulders making them ache. The extra weight also puts more stress on the lower limbs and the soft connective tissue.

Her breasts will get larger and this adds extra weight to carry around, which can cause shoulder and neck issues.

A womens blood system will carry up to twice as much blood when she is pregnant. This is to accommodate the extra fluid as the blood vessels become softer.

All of the internal organs get moved around, the large intestine, which is often massaged to help with digestive issues can’t be accessed easily as it is at the back during pregnancy.

The body goes through a lot during pregnancy. Not just physically but also mentally. Massage can help with both physical and mental changes. It can relieve stress and tension, aching muscles and help with relaxation.

I can’t think of any time in a woman’s life that she needs a massage more than during pregnancy, so its a shame that society is giving the impression that it needs to be avoided.

This is why I have trained in pregnancy massage so that the people who need it most can experience it throughout their pregnancy and after.

Ignore anyone who says you can’t have a massage for 6 weeks after giving birth. You can have a massage throughout your entire pregnancy, labour and as soon after birth as you want one.

I will come to your house, at a convenient time for you, provide everything that is needed and give you a relaxing, stress-relieving massage.

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  1. I quite agree, I found it really hard to find someone local to keynsham who offered pregnancy massage and was thrilled when Kate trained. Not only local but in the comfort of your own home which is especially nice in your third Trimester! She took a lot of time to understand any pains I had and what I liked and it’s been great!

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