No, I haven’t joined a commune….PEACE and LOVE is a new recommended way to treat soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains.

Anyone who has done a first aid course will be familiar with RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, in soft tissue injury treatment this leads to MICE – Movement, Ice, Compression, Elevation which gets a little confusing, should you be resting or moving.

You may have also seen PRICE – Protection, Rest, Ice, Elevation, or maybe you’ve seen POLICE – Protection, Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Now we have PEACE & LOVE.

PEACE is used immediately after the injury has occurred and stands for:

Protect – unload/restrict movement for the first few days, minimise rest as prolonged rest doesn’t aid recovery and let the level of pain guide the amount you move.

Elevate – elevate the limb higher than the heart to promote fluid flow out of the injury site

Avoid Anti-inflammatories – this one is a little surprising but there is evidence to suggest that anti-inflammatories like ice and medications such as ibuprofen can negatively impact long term tissue healing

Compression – inflammation may be reduced with compression bandages or taping

Educate – get advice on the best way to heal the injury from a soft tissue therapist such as a physio or remedial massage therapist.

After the first few days, soft tissue injuries need LOVE:

Load – to aid recovery and remodel the damaged tissue Optimal load without increasing pain is recommended.

Optimism – depression, fear & pessimism can have an impact on recovery. Remember optimism isn’t being happy, it’s about realising things will get better.

Vascularisation – cardiovascular activities, getting blood circulating, aid healing

Exercise – will help restore strength, mobility and proprioception, but it does need to be within pain limits.

So the next time you injure yourself give it some PEACE & LOVE

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