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When I first started Keynsham Mobile Massage almost a year ago I new there were certain essentials that I had to set up. A Facebook page, an email account and a website. As I wasn’t expecting to be that busy I did the website myself. I really just wanted somewhere to put my blog posts that I could then link to my FB page.

It turns out that people do google me and once I registered my business on Google I was getting a decent number of hits per month. This highlighted the fact that all these potential customers were seeing a very amateur looking website and this was the first impression people would be getting of my business.

I had no choice but to get a professional to sort out my website. If I was having a new website developed then it was the perfect opportunity to get more functionality.

I asked my clients what functionality they would like and the majority said they’d like Online booking. I also wanted an online consultation form so that I know a little more about new clients before I arrive at the appointment. Another suggestion was that I had online vouchers, which sounded like a great idea as I had no way of getting people to pay for my paper vouchers without physically delivering them which wasn’t practical.

The whole process of getting a new website wasn’t quite as smooth as I thought it would be. There were issues with syncing my calendar, there were issues with my emails as these were linked to my original website. In fact I lost the ability to recieved emails for a few days before I realised that I wasn’t getting any. That was sorted very quickly by my web developer but then there was an issue with the scheduling system not sending me emails when someone booked online, it did begin to feel like everytime we cleared one obstacle another would pop up in its place.

I thought my website would be down for a couple of days but in the end it was down for nearly 2 weeks which wasn’t ideal, but I’ve been involved in enough IT projects to know things very rarely go to plan where IT is concerned.

But we got there, thanks to the excellent Ian Chambers at Swish Digital.

I’ve now got a brand new website which still has a lot of my old content and a similar style but has much greater functionality and is much more customer friendly and doesn’t look like a small child has designed it (as it did when I did it myself).

I now have a website that is fit for purpose. When new clients google me they will find a professional website, they will be able to book at any time of day or night without having to email me and wait for a response, no more long winded Messenger conversations about what my prices  are and what availability I have, it’s all on my site. There is also the option to pay online so they don’t have to worry about whether or not I take cards, or if they have to go to the cashpoint.

It makes it easier for clients, it makes it easier for me and it gives me more time to spend on my Continuous Profession Development

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