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One of my favourite things about owning my own business is a delivery of new kit, it’s a bit like Christmas – only I know what I’m getting.

I don’t have to buy new things very often as massage doesn’t involve that much kit. I started off with a couch, 2 sets of towels and couch covers, a bolster and some oils.

Over the past year, I’ve had to buy more towels and couch covers as I’m busier than expected, I’ve also bought more oils and waxes but that’s about it.

Today I got to buy LOTS of new kit.

It’s all for the Pregnancy Massage I now offer. I’ve got pillow protectors (I don’t want them getting oil all over them), pillowcases, a soft fabric-covered bolster and covers (my other has a wipe-clean cover and is cold), a memory foam wedge & covers (my couch doesn’t have an end that raises).

The main difference with pregnancy massage is the positioning of the pregnant lady, and therefore to make sure my pregnant clients are comfortable I need to add extra support in the way of pillows and bolsters.

I need the memory foam wedge as pregnant ladies can’t lie on their backs, so the ideal position for them is sat up. It is much easier for me to access and massage their arms, hands, legs feet etc.

I could have managed with the bolster I have but it’s covered in a wipeable faux leather and can be cold, or on a hot day, sticky. It’s also quite long and I need to put it between the client’s knees when they are lying on their side, a shorter one, covered in a soft feel fabric is far more suitable

I could have managed with the pillows I have, but a wedge is going to be much more comfortable for my clients to prop themselves up against.

All of this extra kit will make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

I can’t wait to use it.

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