Massage Oil & More

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When I took my course we were trained in using oil, lotion and talcum powder but out in the real world there are so many more options.

For a start, no one uses talcum powder to massage, it’s not very nice to use and there have been studies that link talcum powder with health issues so probably best to avoid, particularly when there are so many options.


This is the most traditionally massage medium, it makes gliding over the skin easy, it can be warmed up in oil bottle warmers and it can act as a carrier or base for essential oils. I’m not qualified in aromatherapy and so I can’t blend my own oils but there are a huge range of pre blended oil. Oils tend to be vegetable based, therefore suitable for vegan clients.

The downsides are that it is runny, and easily spilt, I only have small hands and it’s easy for the oil to spill out of my hands which is a little nerve-wracking when I’m massaging people in their own home and they have nice carpets. Unscented oils can smell a little unpleasant, like cooking oil and they can leave the skin greasy feeling.

I usually have two oils, one is a water dispersible, which means it washes off easily, it’s a blended oil containing coconut oil and soya oil, soya is an allergen so this oil isn’t suitable for everyone, it does have a slight lemon fragrance so it’s doesn’t smell oily. For people who are allergic to nut oil or soya I have an unscented grape seed oil.


I carry a pink grapefruit scented lotion from Keoso, it smells lovely and it’s nice to use, I don’t have to worry about dripping it on the carpet. I can vary the amount I use if I want to go deeper so that I have more grip.

It absorbs really well, much like a body lotion, so your skin won’t feel greasy after your massage.

This is a very popular massage medium, but as with oil, isn’t suitable for everyone. If you have dry skin it absorbs too quickly and the massage can become uncomfortable, also, not everyone likes the fragrance.


Wax has taken the place of talcum powder, it allows me to give a deep massage and it doesn’t get soaked up by body hair or matt body hair as much as oil.

I carry two forms of wax, one solid and one liquid, the solid wax is in solid form until I put it in my hands, the heat from my hands turns it to liquid.

The liquid wax is a similar consistency to lotion and becomes completely liquid with the heat of my hands

Wax is the best of both worlds, it doesn’t absorb as quickly as lotion but doesn’t stay on the skin like oil, it leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft. It’s ideal for most skin types except very oily skin. It is, by far, the most popular choice with my clients.

I have 1 solid wax which is unscented and two liquiwaxs from Songbird, the first is a women’s blend which has geranium, frankincense, lavender and bergamot, the second is a sports blend which has manuka (sometimes called New Zealand tea tree oil), lemon, calendula, arnica and St John’s wort.

The liquiwax is made from beeswax and olive oil, the solid wax also contains almond oil, so not suitable for vegans ot people with allergies to almonds.

I like to give my clients a choice of massage medium and will discuss which is the best option based on the purpose of the massage and skin type.

Asnew products come onto the market I will try them and based on client feedback I will update my range of massage mediums, for example, I’m currently looking for a vegan massage wax to try.

All massage therapists have their favourite massage mediums as do clients, so if you have a favourite let me know and I’ll give it a try.

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