Level 5 qualification

After an additional 9 months, (due to Covid) I have finally received the results of my Level 5 Remedial and Sports Massage course…I Passed!!!!!!

I started the course in September 2019 and was meant to finish in July 2020 but due to Covid the course had to be postponed…twice.

To give you some idea of what a level 5 remedial and sports qualification is, I thought I’d tell you what I had to do to gain the qualification.

I had to do 72 case studies.

I had to write 2 research essays of 2000 words each, these had to be fully referenced, I haven’t used Harvard referencing since I was at Uni nearly 20 years ago.

I had to do a 3-hour written exam. The exam had 8 questions in 4 sections. I had to answer one question from each section and 1 extra question. The questions covered anatomy and physiology, pathology, massage treatments, understanding the client’s presentation, health and safety, infection control, massage therapists code of conduct and many other topics.

I also had 2 practical exams, one internal where I had to be able to identify muscles and perform specific techniques as well as performing a postural assessment. I also had an external practical exam where I had to take the case history, write a treatment plan, perform a postural assessment, treat the client and give aftercare advice.

I learnt so much on the course. I have a much better understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology. I’ve learnt advanced massage techniques and I’ve learnt how to protect myself by using my body weight to massage rather than strength which means I can massage more clients without getting worn out or injuring myself. I’ve learnt about postural assessment and what my finding mean for clients. I’m now confident to give clients advise on how to prevent reoccurrence and exercises to help aid recovery.

I embarked on the case because my favourite part of being a therapist is hearing that I’ve made and improvement to my client’s life, whether that is reducing their pain, giving them more mobility, helping them sleep better or reducing their stress. I’m not much better equipped to help my clients.

If anyone tells you they are a qualified massage therapist, ask them what qualification they have. If they have a level 5 then you know that they have studies hard to gain that qualification

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