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This week I’m on holiday in our caravan in Watchet, not far from Minehead. Its the first time I’ve been on holiday for a week since starting Keynsham Mobile Massage.

I have to admit I am missing massage. I think that’s because I don’t think of massage as a job, it’s more like a hobby because it’s something I really enjoy doing and holidays are meant to be about doing things you enjoy.

If you love reading you take a few books away with you. If you love knitting you take your latest project with you.

It isn’t possible to fit the massage couch in the car when we go away so I’ve only been able to massage my husband’s hands and use my seated chair massage techniques to ease his stiff neck and shoulders. However, 3 days in and I was having withdrawal symptoms.

I have found a solution though… I searched on Facebook Marketplace and a few 2nd hand massage couches came up. They were only about £30, they weren’t as good as the one I use normally but they would serve a purpose.

Yesterday we drove to Axminster from Watchet (about 50 miles) to pick one up. I bought some surgical spirit and cotton wool to clean it with and some sweet almond oil in the local chemist so I now have everything I need to massage my husband.

He’s happy because the bed in the caravan doesn’t do his back any favours, I’m happy because I’m not attempting to massage him on the bed, which doesn’t do my back any favours.

The cat doesn’t quite know what to make of it (we bring him on holiday with us as he’s an indoor cat) but he’ll take it all in his stride as he usually does.

The couch can stay in the caravan so whenever we are down here we can use it without trying to find space in the car.

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