No, I haven’t joined a commune….PEACE and LOVE is a new recommended way to treat soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains. Anyone who has done a first aid course will be familiar with RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, in soft tissue injury treatment this leads to MICE – Movement, Ice, Compression, Elevation which […]

Pregnancy Massage – a further explanation

The pregnancy massage service I offer is proving very popular. You’ll notice that I only offer a 90 minute appointment, I’m aware that other therapists offer different length times but I thought I’d explain why I don’t.

Pregnancy Massage

Recently a pregnant friend of mine told me that it is virtually impossible to find someone who is prepared to massage a pregnant women.

Massage Oil & More

When I took my course we were trained in using oil, lotion and talcum powder but out in the real world there are so many more options.

Pamper Parties

Last week I did my first pamper party for a group of Keynsham childminders.