The Bowen technique

This weekend I began the next chapter in my training. I’ve spend the past 3 days in Exeter on the first of five modules learning about the Bowen Technique. So what is the Bowen Technique? The Bowen Technique is a remedial tool, it uses light, gentle movements across skin, fascia, muscle, tendon and other soft […]

Level 5 qualification

After an additional 9 months, (due to Covid) I have finally received the results of my Level 5 Remedial and Sports Massage course…I Passed!!!!!! I started the course in September 2019 and was meant to finish in July 2020 but due to Covid the course had to be postponed…twice. To give you some idea of […]


One of the first things I learned about (and can still remember) from the first teaching block on my Level 5 remedial and sports massage course is ‘Fuzz’.

Level 5 Sports and Remedial Massage

Back in January I applied for a Level 5 remedial and sports massage course being held at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. I had to complete an application form stating what I would bring to the course and why I wanted to do it etc.