Top 10 questions to ask a mobile massage therapist

Before you book a massage with anyone there are some questions you should ask your therapist – here are my answers: 1. What areas do you cover/ do you cover xyz?I cover an area 30 minutes from Keynsham, the reason I don’t give miles is because 30 mins up the ring road or into the […]

Happy New Year

I’m often asked how I got into massage and the answer is ‘by accident’.

The importance of movement

Movement is essential to tissue healing. This is why people are often not put in a cast for 6 weeks anymore.


One of the first things I learned about (and can still remember) from the first teaching block on my Level 5 remedial and sports massage course is ‘Fuzz’.

September Birthdays and busy-ness

Wow, what a month September has been!
I have had the busiest month on record with 37 Massages, this felt even busier as I was away for my 40th Birthday for 4 days and I started my Level 5 Remedial and Sports massage course which took out 3 days.

New Website

When I first started Keynsham Mobile Massage almost a year ago I new there were certain essentials that I had to set up. A Facebook page, an email account and a website.

Massage Therapist Vs Masseuse

You may have noticed that most businesses advertising massage use the term Massage Therapist.
You may have noticed that you get some raised eyebrows when you call them a Masseuse.
Here’s why…

Pregnancy Massage – a further explanation

The pregnancy massage service I offer is proving very popular. You’ll notice that I only offer a 90 minute appointment, I’m aware that other therapists offer different length times but I thought I’d explain why I don’t.


This week I’m on holiday in our caravan in Watchet, not far from Minehead. It’s the first time I’ve been on holiday for a week since starting Keynsham Mobile Massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Recently a pregnant friend of mine told me that it is virtually impossible to find someone who is prepared to massage a pregnant women.